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Chevron Shape Polymer Ligating Clips / Surgical Clips In Gallbladder Fossa

Chevron Shape Polymer Ligating Clips / Surgical Clips In Gallbladder Fossa

    • Chevron Shape Polymer Ligating Clips / Surgical Clips In Gallbladder Fossa
    • Chevron Shape Polymer Ligating Clips / Surgical Clips In Gallbladder Fossa
  • Chevron Shape Polymer Ligating Clips / Surgical Clips In Gallbladder Fossa

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: KangHua
    Certification: CE,MA CNAS,ISO13485,etc...
    Model Number: U01, U02,U04

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: 6 clips per cartridge, 20 cartridges per box
    Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 20000 cartridges per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Type: Clip Properties: The Basis Of Surgical Instruments
    Instrument Classification: Class II Material: Titanium
    Application: Laparoscopic Surgery Color: Green,Yellow,blue
    Product Name: Titanium Clips,implantable Ligation Clips Feature: Sterile Disposable,Anti-slip Design,Secured Locking,Laparoscopic Surgery
    High Light:

    clip ligation


    titanium clips gallbladder surgery

    Chevron Shape Polymer Ligating Clips / Surgical Clips In Gallbladder Fossa


    Laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery is a revolution in conventional open surgery in clinical medicine, which has completely changed the traditional surgical mode. For the treatment of hemostasis and suture problems during surgery, scientists and clinicians have specially developed a way to enter the human cavity through a channel during surgery, observe by endoscope, and use a special device to operate the clamp to block the body. Tubular tissue and blood vessel products-blocking clip (titanium clip), our company is a professional manufacturer of medical blocking clip (titanium clip) manufacturer.


    Medical blocking clip is used as a special surgical instrument for minimally invasive surgery of medical endoscope. It has been widely used in developed countries, and its English name is Ligating Clip Cartridge (called: titanium tin, ligating clip, blocking clip). Earlier products were made of "titanium" metal materials and are called "titanium clips" or "titanium nails" in China. Since then, absorbable and non-absorbable plastic clips have been developed with high-molecular materials, commonly known as "plastic titanium clips." Because of its many names, it causes confusion to the market and users, and affects product safety. After various investigations and studies, combined with the opinions of many clinical medical experts and relevant national regulatory agencies, the company named this type of product as a "medical blocking clip" according to its function. According to the material, it can be divided into two categories, namely metal clips made of metal materials (such as titanium clips, silver clips, self-closing clips, memory alloy clips, etc.) and polymer clips made of polymer materials (such as: absorbable and Non-absorbable clips, etc.).


    The company's medical blocking clips use TA1 pure titanium wire as the raw material, which is made by mechanical precision processing and aseptic processing. Its chemical composition and microstructure meet the (GB / T13810-1997) standard. It has excellent mechanical toughness and metal bombs have good biocompatibility and affinity with the human body. It is the best long-term implant material for the human body. Developed by minimally invasive surgery. Long-term implantation in the abdominal cavity or other parts of the human body during surgery, according to the "Classification Rules for Medical Devices", is a passive implanted device that has been in contact with the human body for long-term use. Search the contents of "Category of Medical Device Classification", the medical blocking clip belongs to code: 6846 "Implant Materials and Human Organs"; there are three types of management categories.


    There are two types of pure titanium medical blocking clips: U-shaped and V-shaped. There are horizontal and vertical stripes with non-slip function on the inside, and there are 6 on each clip seat. It is sterilized by medical grade PE soft blister and Tyvek paper packaging (Cobalt 60 radiation, no epoxy sterilization residue). The blocking clip is suitable for blocking tubular tissues or blood vessels in the clamping cavity during minimally invasive surgical endoscopic surgery. Doctors can use clip clamps (also called titanium clamps) to remove the clips from the clamp seat according to the needs of different operations. The metal elastic of the blocking clip is stuck in the jaw and enters the body through a device called a puncture device. Under the sight of the endoscope, the doctor places the clip on the desired location and closes the forceps of the clamp.


    The toughness and rigidity of titanium metal are used to fix the tissue or blood vessels to achieve the blocking function. Its blocking function usually lasts for several weeks, and it will lose its effect after the human tissue heals. Because the product has good toughness and biocompatibility, affinity, long-term implantation will not cause any impact on the human body. Compared with polymer materials, the development of absorbable and non-absorbable "plastic titanium clips" is more practical and environmentally friendly, and it can avoid the risk of "plastic parts" being implanted into the human body for a long time. And the cost is only one-tenth of the plastic titanium clip, which is welcomed by the medical staff and patients.


    At present, there are two types of similar products commonly used in the market. The imported products are "ligating clips" produced by Johnson & Johnson and Wick; the domestic products include "Hangzhou Medical Optical Instrument Factory and Hangzhou Tonglu Cutting-edge Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. "Medical Titanium Clip" as a representative. Our company's products have the same principle, function, size, and application as similar products at home and abroad, and the manufacturing process, raw materials used (including mounting materials and packaging materials) are also similar.


    The comparison of similar product indicators is shown in the table below:


    Attributes Johnson & Johnson Wick Light Meter Kang Sheng Our Company
    Material TA1 TA1 TA1 TA1 TA1
    Shape Rectangle Prismatic Rectangular, Prismatic Rectangular, Prismatic Rectangular, Prismatic
    Specification LJ300, LJ400 M, L V Type. U Type
    Hardness (HV0.2) 160 ~ 200 160 ~ 200 100 ~ 200 100 ~ 180 160 ~ 200
    Adaptability (Size) Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
    Wrapping Paper Material Tyvek Tyvek Tyvek Tyvek Tyvek
    Sterilization Method Radiation (R) Or (E0) Radiation (R) Ethylene Oxide (EO) Ethylene Oxide (EO) Radiation (R)
    Expiration Date 10 Years 10 Years 3 Years 2 Years 3 Years



    Due to our company's strict requirements for product quality and improvement of processing technology. And the selection of raw materials, and the use of radiation (R) sterilization, so that the product indicators are more advanced in the country, more reliable quality, better effectiveness and safety, welcome medical institutions to choose.

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